"Artigiani del cioccolato, dal 1924"

Streglio 1924, the production of the nest artisanal chocolate of excellence, its the reason for existing.
The goodness of our chocolate, the passion of the Gatta family and the spirit of collaboration
of the entire production team, they are the real ingredients of the success of our company.
Streglio 1924 was born almost a century ago in the north of Italy, in Turin, thanks to the insight
and business intuition of Pietro Arturo Streglio. It’s a small world that turns around a magic product: chocolate. Over the years it asserts itself with perseverance, commitment and passion nationally in the eld of chocolate.

Today, as then, our team maintains the same philosophy of the founder. The ownership, Gatta’s family, shares his passion with every member of the company, by transmitting determination and desire to create.

In 1976 they moved Streglio in the None plant, near Turin, where he continues all the processing cycle. The first step it’s the roasting to develop the aromas of cocoa.

Our cocoa beans come from Latin America, the land that o ers the best varieties in the world. Then they are mixed according to the Streglio ́s recipes by our master chocolatiers with the aim to realize a dream: creating a taste that exalts the authentic flavor.

For Streglio’s 1924, it is fundamental not only proposing excellent products but also transmitting our philosophy and values throw every single detail. One young gran works with commitment energy and dedication to create an exclusive chocolate. In Streglio everything matters, every detail is important, because nothing is left to chance. If you are looking for something which eat, beautiful to look at, delicious to taste then your chocolate is Streglio.

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