Streglio was one of the first companies to produce fruit jellies in Italy. We are used to taste a gelée during a break or when you need sweetness, but the gelées can have different uses in the kitchen: cakes, mousses, ice creams … They give the touch of colors you were looking for.
We asked five wonderful food bloggers to imagine and prepare five new recipes with our Streglio gelées.
Here you are their answers!

Cocoa biscuits with orange and apple gelées

by Maria Stella, Cappuccino Addicted

Crispy cookies, with cocoa and gelées decorated: Maria Stella cookies are really tasty!
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Basil, pink pepper, fresh fruit and gelées crêpe

by Melania, Chicchi di Mela

Melania has decided to combine our gelées with some delicious crêpes with peaches and mulberries. Now run to the kitchen and try to prepare them!
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Candy Sushi

by Elena, Cucinama

Have you ever tried to prepare candy sushi? Elena teaches you how to do it.
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“Cassatina” cake with gelées

by Alessia, Pan di Zenzero

Alessia really surprised us with this recipe. Here is the original cassata cake with our gelées, perfetc candied fruit substitutes!
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Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker With Lemon And Basil

by Valentina, Profumo di Cannella e Cioccolato

We cannot give up ice cream, even in winter! Valentina offers you a quick recipe to prepare ice cream at home and decorate it with our gelées!
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