Professional Lines

"In pursuit of excellence"

Team work…

In every step of the supply chain from the plantation, the harvest to the manufacturing there’re plenty of people that employ mind and heart to produce our excellence: the chocolate.
All together we work trying to reach the best tastes and flavours to create high quality products.

360° quality

Thanks to our Chef Chocolatier Salvatore Minniti the high skills of our colleagues that works with us in Streglio are enhanced in every single passage of our production.
Our manufacturing process starts from the cocoa bean (Theobroma Cacao) that allow us to create extraordinaries melanges with dozens of differents flavours, scent and texture improving every time the Streglio’s chocolate experience.

Roasting, blending, tempering, moulding storing: Streglio follow every single step towards the manufacturing of a pure, natural, rich of scents and textures and obviously handmade.

Trying to give you the best possible quality of chocolate

Our quest for excellence lead us to select the raw material from their origins.
Streglio develop his recipes starting from the cocoa beans from the South of America, known and appreciate thanks to their particular characteristic.
Our skills are at the service of the taste in order to raise to all the possible tastes,scents and flavours of the Chocolate.
We are always ready to help the chefs and artisans, and together we work to spread the passion for the taste of our chocolate cuisine all over the world
We stand here ready to guarantee the best possible products to employ in your bakery and ice cream manufacturing..