Salted Gianduiotti with milk, hazelnut and Cervia salt

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The iconic Piedmontese chocolates in its salty version.
Milk chocolate combined with hazelnuts (30%, made only with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts.)
with Cervia salt.
Packed in a transparent bag with a seal, ideal for a small personal stock or for a little gift
for friends and family

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“Gianduja” milk chocolate – cocoa 20% minimum, with salt from Cervia.
INGREDIENTS: sugar, “Piedmont Hazelnut” (30%), cocoa paste, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, salt from Cervia (0,12%), flavouring: vanillin. This product contains hazelnuts and milk and may contain traces of other tree nuts, peanuts and soya lecithin.
<<Product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”>>

Valori nutrizionali

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL DATA per 100g. Energy: 555 kcal/2314 kj. Total Fat 34,4g. Sat.Fat 10,9g. Total Carb. 50,5g. Sugars 45,75g. Dietary Fibre 4,9g. Protein 8,45g. Salt 0,2g.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 17 cm

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